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Information for Tenants

We Wish to Welcome You as a New and Valued Client

Here is some basic information that may help you during the term of your tenancy with Lois Buckett Real Estate.


Only the people originally included on your application and approved by the owner are permitted to permanently reside at the property.  If, during the term of your tenancy, you wish to change or replace the original occupants our office must be informed in order to seek the approval of the owner.

Paying Rent

As part of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, you have undertaken to pay the rent promptly and in advance. As we have a “No Cash” policy at the office your payments should be made via direct debit to our trust account or Ezidebit.  Cheque or Postal Order is acceptable but please remember to place your name and address on the back to ensure that it is allocated to the correct tenancy.  Should a cheque be dishonored no further payments by cheque will be accepted.

Breaking Your Lease

For information regarding your obligations and possible costs incurred in the event that you do not complete the term of your Residential Tenancy Agreement please contact your Property Manager.

Rent Arrears

If for any reason you are having difficulties please make an appointment to see the Property Manager so that suitable arrangements can be entered into. If you become 10 days in arrears we will issue you with a Letter of Demand. In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, should payment not be received a Termination Notice will be issued on the 15th day of your arrears.  This will require you to vacate the premises.

Ongoing Condition Report

Prior to the commencement of your new tenancy, the Property Manager will have completed an Ingoing Condition Report which will be given to you when you sign your documents.  It is very important that you check this report thoroughly, making sure that you add any amendments and return the form to our office within seven (7) days.  The report is critical in protecting your investment as it will be referred to at the end of the tenancy to guarantee that the distribution of the bond is fair and accurate.


Tenants Information Guide



It is your responsibility to have electricity, gas, and phone connected in your name and arrange disconnection of these services when you leave the property. With regards to water, the service is connected and where applicable on your Tenancy Agreement, water usage will be billed to you on a regular basis. 

For Rural properties with water tanks, you will be issued with separate information regarding this matter at the point of signing your Tenancy Agreement.


Please be aware that the owner’s property insurance does not cover your personal belongings.  It is in your interest to obtain a Contents Policy to guard against damage or theft of your belongings.

Repairs and Requests

You are required to complete a “Repair Request” form on our website for you to email, post or drop off to our office.  It is very important that you promptly report all matters requiring repair or maintenance in order to avoid the risk of further damage to the premises or injury to visitors. Any maintenance or repair arranged outside of our normal business hours will be at the tenant’s cost unless it is proven to be an extreme emergency.


This must be placed in the proper bins as any rubbish placed in boxes or bags will not be collected by Council.  It will then fall onto the tenant to arrange removal of this waste.

Hanging Pictures

Please do not use Blu-Tack or sticky-tape to hang or place pictures on the wall.  If there are no picture hooks already provided on the premises please contact our office for us to arrange approval on your behalf.


Unless otherwise specified in your lease you are responsible for the maintenance of the lawns and gardens.  This entails watering, weeding, trimming and mowing.  Please do not remove any plants or trees without the written approval of the Property Manager.


Unless a pet is specifically approved on your lease pets are not allowed.

Routine Inspections

We carry out a routine inspection on all properties six weeks after the commencement of the tenancy and then bi-annually.  Written advice will be forwarded prior to the inspection.  If you cannot be present, we will access the property with our spare keys.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV is NOT to be installed at the premises without the written approval from the agent.  If you wish to have Pay TV connected to your rental property and have written consent from our office the Property Manager will need to be contacted by the respective Pay TV installer to approve the location of the satellite dish and installation of the cables.  Without written consent you will be in breach of your Residential Tenancy Agreement and any damages to the property will be your responsibility.

Smoke Alarms

The tenant/s should notify the Agent when a smoke alarm is not working and not remove, dispose of or otherwise tamper with the alarm.

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