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" Oustanding Service - Start to Finish "

Dear Lois I wish to say, you and your staff certainly provided outstanding service to us.  Beginning with my first phone call when we were standing outside the property and all through the process. We were able to view the home within minutes of us making the call. When we decided to purchase and pay the deposit all the staff swung into action and made things happen for us.  There appears to be great teamwork going on! A huge thank you for your personal attention, we really feel that you made this deal happen. We look forward to the settlement later this month.

- Cheri and Stephan Holle

" Great Team Work "

Very pleased with genuine enthusiasm Lois has shown. Great outcome achieved. Thank you all! Helen S


" Trustworthy and Low Pressure Approach "

Thanks a lot to Lois. We felt the property was in sure and trustworthy hands. We liked the steady but low pressure approach to promotion. When offers were made on the property we felt confident to leave in your hands, and that we would get a fair price.

- Tracey & Lisa

" Communication + Team work= Great Result! "

Thank you for your exceptional service in carrying out this sale.  In considering my initial interview with you, you were diligent in all respects in marketing the property, arranging the house inspections, carrying out the inspections and reporting back to me to advise if there was interest or not.  You were always available when I called into the office and we were always able to make contact via our mobiles after an inspection.  Bringing all these factors together, helped to expedite a very successful sale. I'd also like to extend my thanks to all personnel in your office who participated in the sale of my property.  Without a team effort, it might not have been so successful.

- Diana M Bayley

73 testimonials found - Page 5 of 19

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