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Hollie Thurtell

Property Manager

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" Professional and thoughtful "

From my initial enquiry regarding a rental property in Lennox Head, I experienced Hollie to be thoughtful, professional and warm. Hollie went above and beyond to ensure the process of viewing and applying for the property of our choosing was efficient and painless. Hollie ensured we were kept in the loop regarding our application and I was never let wondering due to her professionalism and thoughtfulness. 


" Outstanding service "

Thanks Hollie for outstanding service and a seamless tenancy changeover. We recently engaged the services of Lois Buckett to help source a tenant for our Lennox property. Hollie promptly listed the property and was successful in securing a smooth tenancy changeover for us. Her approach was professional and efficient. Much appreciated to have great service like this. 


" Wonderful and understanding "

“Hollie at Lois Buckett real estate has been a wonderful and understanding Property Manager. During the vacating process she was very quick, efficient and effective in getting back to us with everything we needed” 


" Excellence in property management "

Hollie, is professional, great attention to detail and performs her duties as a Property Manager with confidence. Hollie is well versed in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal particularly in the rights and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. I would not hesitate in having Hollie or recommending her to manage my properties. Hollie has been outstanding in managing my property. 


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